Simulacrum – Chapter One


Simulacrum – Chapter One is a fan-made game that is inspirited by survival horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. This game is a horror adventure game where a young woman is trapped in a nightmare and tries to escape. Now you can get it for free download here on our website.

As a player, you will play the role of Abigail, a woman is living alone in her mother’s old department. But one day, her life changes when she gets lost into a full nightmarish world that is a painting on her wall.

Simulacrum - Chapter One
Simulacrum – Chapter One

You will be trapped in an extremely dark world, try to help Abigail find the way to return her house as soon as possible. When you attempt to escape, you will face monstrous entities, solve riddles, as well as eventually explore the mysterious roots of her past.

Chapter One will not include any battles. It pays much attention to create the atmosphere and give genuinely challenging puzzles to challenge the players. Solve these riddles and Abigail can get out of the hellish nightmare.

Simulacrum – Chapter One is a really attractive horror adventure coming with an appealing story and impressive visual aspect. A vast of cleverly created puzzles are waiting for all of you to experience. Get this game for free download here and try it out yourself.

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