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Six Nights at Fredbears free download. The story of Six Nights AT Fredbears is a horrific adventure, bringing horrible experiences for FNAF fan games.

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Six Nights at Fredbears story

The story in the game Six Nights at Fredbears revolves around the main character, Fredbear’s Family Diner Maintenance Staff – where four party game performances ended after the death of a child. A newcomer to the job and must keep security for six consecutive nights.

During the first six nights, the main character faced four different types of danger in the restaurant. The first is Fredbear, the main character who is said to have caused the child’s death. Fredbear will wake up in the middle of the night and try to attack the staff.

The second is Spring Bonnie, another type of illusion, that will pull up from the platform below and try to attack the staff. If not controlled, it can damage the electrical system in the performance.

The third is Shadow Freddy, a dim image of Fredbear, which can appear anywhere in the restaurant and disturb the camera system.

Finally, the main character also faced Springtrap, a ghost in a set inside behind a Spring Bonnie outfit. Springtrap always moves in the entire restaurant and tries to find ways to attack employees.

The game uses a camera interface so that the main character can monitor and position the characters who are moving in the restaurant. The goal of the game is to pass all six nights without losing your life.


The gameplay of Six Nights at Fredbear is similar to the FNAF fan games list. Players will go to the restaurant rooms and use the camera system to observe the characters. Your main goal is to avoid being attacked by robotic animals, including Fredbear, Spring Bonnie, and their other versions.

During the six nights, you will have to maintain energy for your electrical system and monitor the movement of robots. If you don’t pay attention, they can enter your room and attack you.

The gameplay depends on observation and quick decision-making. You need to consider the moves of robots and make decisions on turning on, turning off the security system, closing, and consuming energy. If you don’t do this well, you may be killed by robots.

Try the game to discover the new horror of FNAF.


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3.3/5 - (18 votes)

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