Six Night’s At Pinkie’s

Six Night’s At Pinkie’s is a featured horror Five Nights at Freddy’s based fangame. Open the door of a haunted building and work as a night watchman. But, you are going to complete another different mission.

Six Night's At Pinkie's
Six Night’s At Pinkie’s

The gameplay of Six Night’s At Pinkie’s

Similar to the original, FNaF by Scott Cawthon, you will start off with a part-time security guard. Your nightshift activates at midnight and ends at 6 AM.

During that six-hour period, you have to manage carefully and smartly to protect you from evil mascots of the location.

Note! They can roam through areas and know how to avoid cameras. The dark will be their ally.

Meanwhile, in the office, you must supervise their moves and prevent them from entering your room. Otherwise, they have more chances to kill you.

Devices or any tools can reduce the power supply if they are used. Therefore, you should calculate wisely so it will be able to help you stay alive in the end.

It’s time to check out your survivability in Six Night’s At Pinkie’s! It’s fully free to download! At present, you can play SNAP Remastered on mobile. Shall you escape from that creepy place and get paid? Try to take advantage of whichever in your space!


Rinat Satybaldinov @rinsat

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