Smudger’s 5 Wanton Brother

Smudger’s 5 Wanton Brother is a free horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game to download and play right now! Take part in a creepy story and try to remain alive!

Smudger's 5 Wanton Brother
Smudger’s 5 Wanton Brother

The plot in Smudger’s 5 Wanton Brother

A detective in the UK has received some clues from murders done by Smoother the Masked Engine. He determines to move these facts to the Sodor FBI renamed IOS.

Unfortunately, he does not recognize that he is being tracked by that murderer on the cruise ship SS Roxstar. How can he survive?

At the same time, Sodor Sumdger is diving into the new life being an effective tool. He is looking forward to meeting his gang including Tim, Duke, and newer friends.

But, everything doesn’t happen as he wants when the Sodor IOS delivers him to the base to check remaining powers.

To defend his buddies, he accepts that test. Nevertheless, he realizes that the IOS is setting out an illegal fighting tournament to claim supernatural means.

He cannot escape unless he beats the champion called Timothy the Ghost Engine.

In fact, the sherlock is an acquaintance of Tim’s in the past. They are aiming at the pair and Sudger needs to flee the prison and rescue his mates.

Are you ready to fulfill your role? Enjoy Smudger’s 5 Wanton Brother, kick off an adventure, face the scariest monsters, and deploy the best tips to win!


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5/5 - (2 votes)
5/5 - (2 votes)

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