Sonic Coffees 1: Back to the 3rd Cafe (a SC 1 Remake)

Sonic Coffees 1: Back to the 3rd Cafe (a SC 1 Remake) is available to free download. Join a survival adventure set in a dark restaurant and play against all animatronics there!


It has been3 years since the second Sonic Coffees shut its door, it is reopening with a smaller establishment. The fourth original animatronics finally get repaired.

Meanwhile, the new ones were scrapped for some reason. The fifth original suddenly disappeared.

You are going to enter the present location and spend 5 nights at Sonic Coffees. If you complete your job, you will earn a payment of $ 200.99 a week.

According to the person who hires you, he will keep informing you before you begin the night.

You will soon realize some strange behaviors from roaming animatronic mascots. They are the opponents that you will meet. Don’t let them catch you for survival!

It’s time you download Sonic Coffees: Back to the 3rd Cafe (full game) and perform your talent!


Flying Squirrel🏳️‍🌈 @superkirbyjs
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