Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED

Spring Blocked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED is an extremely remake version from the original game of the author – TheFrebbyDev.

Spring Locked at Fredbear's REMASTERED
Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED

What does this game comprise of?

As mentioned before, this is the entire remake of the official game, so there will be some aspects that have been added into this new game:

  • First 3 Nights
  • Additional characters
  • Mysterious mini-games and success
  • Fresh graphics Settings
  • Enhanced graphics and materials
  • Inserted additional rooms to the map
  • Additional extras

Along with these mentioned aspects, Spring Blocked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED also offers some features below:

  • New & Enhanced Gameplay Machines
  • New & more Pragmatic models
  • Voice Acting
  • Free Wander

What is the story about?

Welcome to your new job, as usual, night guard. In this game, your workplace will be Fredbear’s Family Diner – where brings enjoyment to your life.

Your job when being a night security guard is to keep our adorable animatronics away from being stolen or broken. Once getting the job of a night security guard means you are also the night technician in Fredbear’s Family Dinner.

How to control the game?

  • W A S D – for moving around
  • Left Shift – for running
  • E – for opening the cameras (close to the monitor)
  • F – for turning on the flashlight
  • E – for coiling up Music Box (at wind up station)
  • LMB – for interacting generally
  • Middle Mouse Button – for zooming

How to Solve the issue?

  • If you are getting trouble once running the game on GameJolt Client then try installing it off of the website rather than.
  • If you are getting the issue related to lag then placing Overall, Shadows, and Post Processing on Low.
  • If you are getting the issue related to how to play the game then read the “Tips” part in the game or obverse Controls on our site.

That’s all

We have shown you some sections related to Spring Blocked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED. If you have tried the first version of this game, you should also try this version. We strongly believe that you will enjoy the game.


The Frebby Official @TheFrebbyDev

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