Statistic2 – The AfterStories

Statistic2 – The AfterStories has been introduced as a fangame of the famous series Five Nights at Freddy’s which was attracted countless players all over the world.

Statistic2 – The AfterStories
Statistic2 – The AfterStories


A man in the former “Fredbear’s and Friends” local pizzeria was seen dead after local officers were figuring out what led to the fire on the restaurant. After this event, we receive a report of a man named William Afton which was prisoned last week after proving that he was responsible for the murder of over 10 years ago.

The 50-year-old man informed me that he didn’t kill her for any purpose, yet with the reason was “I didn’t just murder her for fun, I desired to prove that I was not mad, after hearing that you can take them all, all of them!”

You are entering the Fredbear’s cellar, and it is attempting to annoy with things, thus you could receive a sweet revenge. However, you drop deeply into it, and you have to try to get out of the beasts that are figuring you out.

Main Game

  • Models – 15%
  • Voices – 2%
  • Map – 0.5%
  • Dev – 1%


  • Jenny (Mangle)
  • Chica
  • Foxy


You have read something in terms of Statistic2 – The AfterStories. Now you can try the game by clicking on the “Download” button and start downloading and installing it.


-White Crag Studios- @KIIISTO

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