Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED]

Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED], which is for free download here, is created as the fourth part in the series: Stop Bullying of the author BubyGamer11. In fact, due to the popularity of the first instalment, BubyGamer11 eventually implements his next game.

Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED]
Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED]
It is a fact that the game is not a joke game. It seems to be an escape game coming with many thrilling elements that make sure to make you satisfied at first sight. It is very pity if you miss the game for any reason.


In this fourth instalment, you will put yourself into the shoes of Bonnie. At the moment, you find yourself being kidnapped for an unknown reason. After waking up, Obamas talks to you that let’s get started to play a small game. It is where you are able to get out of the danger but if you lose the game, you will be murdered.

Especially, you only have a limited amount of time to complete your mission. If the time is up, but you can not escape from the place, they will catch and kill you instantly.

If you are willing to enjoy the game, let’s download Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED] for free here and try to escape as soon as possible.

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