Super FNaF APK

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Super FNaF is a fangame inspired by the scariest video game ever Five Nights at Freddy’s 1of Scott Cawthon. Explore the stories of the animatronics and save them from curses! The game now is available for Android devices with its APK file for Android for free download here!

This game is a horror yet moving video game. It’s said that it is the only FNaF related game that can make players cry while playing. In this game, players are allowed to dig in the story of FNaF 1’s animatronics and have another point of view to them. Not only can the story do this, but also does the music contribute to the delivery of emotions to players.

Super FNaF APK
Super FNaF APK

Soundtracks, especially Show’s over and Icecream, incredibly match to the tones of the scenes and character’s story. By giving different character’s points of view and beautiful pieces of music, the game has become one of the most favorite fan games ever to those used to play it.


The game offers features as below:

  • Adventure Sidescroller storyline.
  • FNaF’s 1 location, the Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria.
  • A variety of animatronics in FNaF 1, including Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and more.
  • A 16/32 bit graphic style
  • A total of 36 soundtracks.
  • A bonus arcade game.
  • A free play mode.

Immerse yourself into the own stories of the animatronics now and end the pain they have endured for many years! APK Super FNaF is ready for free download for Android here!

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