The Awakening of Fredbear’s

The Awakening of Fredbear’s is a fangame that offers the dark color tone mainly alongside the familiar characters you have seen in the different Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame.

The Awakening of Fredbear's
The Awakening of Fredbear’s


The story begins when the animatronics get started with weird action that nobody can expound that. Obviously, this is better for you to keep away from these animatronics. One more thing that you should notice is that you are not allowed to make eye contact with these hostile animatronics. The reason is that they are provided the sensors which are programmed to track any movement. So, make sure that you will do nothing that makes them pay attention to you.


  • Map = 100%
  • Props = 100%
  • SFX = 100%
  • AI = 100%

The Awakening of Fredbear’s comprised of some elements such as:

  • Story – Objective Gameplay that asks you to complete the story objective to get the victory.
  • Free Roam – Survival Gameplay that allows you to survive as long as possible you can.
  • Free Roam – Objective Gameplay that asks you to figure out the whole quantity of secret items.


These are some aspects of The Awakening of Fredbear’s fangame that we would like to show you. To get the game, now you just need to tap on the “Download” button.



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