The Joy of Creation: Story Mode APK


The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is another big hit of the FNaF universe from Nikson and his team. This is an amazing indie horror survival video game with a click-and-point engine. Start the journey in darkness on your Android devices by downloading its APK for Android here!

This is a cool creation in the gameplay and storyline. Different from the first massive boom of Scott Cawthon, players will no more work as a night guard in this version. Instead of that, they will have to manage to find out the hidden secrets in the house through the eyes of Scott Cawthon (the developer of FNaF) and his family. This means players can enjoy the game with their idol, and be a hero by saving their idol from grave dangers and dreadful nights. With this, the game has brought great excitement to most of all players.

The game was uploaded on July 17th, 2017. As time passed by, more and more YouTubers started playing it, which boosted its popularity even more.

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode APK
The Joy of Creation: Story Mode APK


The game offers some exclusive features as described below:

  • Play different characters each night, including Nick, Val, Michael, and Scott.
  • Experience different backgrounds each night, from the bedroom, living room, basement, attic to office.
  • Facedown 7 ignited animatronics with 5 different levels.
  • Provide tapes for clues.
  • Request for sight-seeing skills to survive from 12 am to 6 am.

Grasp the chance to be the savior or your idol with this game! The APK The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is ready for free download here for your phones!

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