The Lost Ones: Remastered

The Lost Ones: Remastered is developed with the main purpose of giving a completely new and horror experience for all fans of the original FNAF game. With its story and graphics, we believe that you will be impressed at first sight.

The Lost Ones: Remastered
The Lost Ones: Remastered


The game takes all of us to immerse ourselves into a thrilling story where mysteries cannot be explained.

T is time to back to the Island for the last time. Now you put yourself into the shoes of an antagonist. The larger evil is not certain but the threat is obvious. Do you know? A demonic force to cleanse is waiting.

What will happen to you next in the last five nights? Are you able to stay alive last five nights?

We believe that you will be impressed with the appearance of characters in the game. They look creepy! They definitely make you start in the first time you see them. The game consists of flashlights, loud sounds, gore, and a lot of jumpscares. If you are vulnerable to any of these horror elements, please consider your safety before you decide to play this game. No one will take responsibility for any injury.

Don’t hesitate anymore to download The Lost Ones: Remastered for free here and enjoy it right now.


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