The Return To Freddy’s 2: Reworked

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The Return To Freddy’s 2: Reworked free download. This game provides a new and attractive experience for those who love the horror game genre like the FNAF fan games list.

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The Return To Freddy’s 2: Reworked Story

The game begins when the main character Mike Schmidt plays the role of managing night staff. He is responsible for controlling and keeping Animatronic puppets in the company.

However, Mike quickly realized that abnormalities were happening at Fazbear Entertainment. Animatronic puppets began to have more abnormal and aggressive behaviors. They not only run around the night but also attack and hunt for employees in the company.

There is a virus that changes personality and makes them more dangerous than usual. He decided to learn about the origin of the virus and how to prevent it from destroying the company.

During the investigation, Mike found evidence of the participation of a group of secret enemies from another company. However, before Mike could continue to investigate, he was attacked and lost his life.

Another employee, Jeremy Fitzgerald, found himself chosen to be Mike’s successor in fighting Animatronic puppet and a mysterious prize. He must be alert and intelligent to determine the origin of the virus and seek to prevent it from entering the real world.

Jeremy found that the enemy group created a virus to control Animatronic puppets and aimed to deprive Fazbear Entertainment. By discovering and resolving puzzles, Jeremy finally destroyed the virus and repeated the company.


Throughout the five nights of the game, players will have to keep their eyes on and ensure their safety when the discounted robots are no longer working from the day (Animatronics) begin to wake up and wander in the restaurant.

The main task of the player is to use security systems and cameras to monitor the movement of the robot, and close to prevent them from approaching their office. If a robot goes into the office, it will attack the player and cause a “game over”.

The game is designed to create a sense of horror and pressure for players through good sound and the scary appearance of robots on the screen.

Players will have to use tactics and respond quickly to avoid being attacked and complete every night in the game. There are many parts in the game, including mysteries and scary surprises, helping to bring challenges and joy to the FNAF fan games.


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4.7/5 - (6 votes)
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