The Tubbyland Experience

The Tubbyland Experience game is a horror game based on the famous horror series “Teletubbies”. The Tubbyland Experience for PC. So you can easily download and experience. This game is one of the interesting games of the FNAF game list that you cannot ignore.

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In this game, players will discover an abandoned amusement park and face scary supernatural phenomena. The game brings scary and stressful experience, suitable for those who love the horror genre.


Players assume the position of a security guard in the Tubbyland amusement park in the horror – themed gameplay experience known as The Tubbyland Experience. By watching the security cameras and maintaining the park’s security, your main goal is to survive each night. The mechanics of the game are described as follows:

  1. Access to Security Camera Monitoring: The park is equipped with a network of security cameras. Utilize these cameras to monitor various locations, such as the main stage, party rooms, kitchen, and hallways. Watch out for any indications of unrest or movement.
  2. Animatronic Characters: At night, animatronic characters who live in the park come to life.
  3. Power Management: The power supply in your office is constrained. You must utilize it carefully because if you use too much electricity, a blackout may occur, making you susceptible to the animatronics. To save power, use the cameras sparingly and shut doors as necessary.
  4. Audio bait: To draw the animatronics’ attention away from your workplace, play an audio bait. So you can buy some time and get through the night by doing this. However, if the animatronics hear the lure as well, they grow wary.

If you are a FNAF game fan, you definitely must not ignore this horror game. Certainly, you will have interesting experiences when playing. Let’s play now!


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5/5 - (1 vote)

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