Those Nights at Fredbear’s: New Destiny

Those Nights at Fredbear’s: New Destiny free download. This game is an independent game of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, developed by a group of FNAF fan games.

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Those Nights at Fredbear’s: New Destiny Story

In the game, players will play a new security officer recruited to work at FredBear’s Family Diner restaurant.

But after starting to work, the player’s character soon realized that the Animatronic puppets moved themselves in the night and had suspicious behaviors. They discovered a mysterious force controlling these puppets and had a strange purpose.

Players will have to perform the task of supervising and protecting the store from dangerous Animatronic puppets, as well as understanding the secret behind the strange event that occurred at Fredbear’s Family Diner restaurant.

Those Nights at Fredbear’s: New Destiny gives players a thrilling and dramatic experience, with quality graphic images and scary sounds, making them face scary challenges and discover mysteries—the darkness of the Animatronic world.


In this game, such as game in the FNAF fan games list players will have to fight to survive 5 nights by managing energy and performing various tasks to avoid scary robot puppets.

The play Those Nights at Fred Bear’s: New Destiny focuses on the use of tactics and assertiveness to deal with threats from robots. Players need to use the right time of tools and resources to not be attacked and keep the energy level in the restaurant stable.

In addition, the game also gives players a thrill and stressful feeling, combined with scary sounds and images to create an unforgettable horror experience. That is why players love and challenge themselves with this game.


In the game Those Nights at Fredbear’s: New Destiny, there are some main characters such as:

Fredbear: Fredbear is the main character in the game, one of the scary Animatronic characters in the story. He often appears to chase players and cause horrific accidents.

Spring Bonnie: Spring Bonnie is another Animatronic character in the game, often accompanied by Fredbear. She also causes many dangers for players.

Main character (Player Character): Players will play the role of a protagonist, try to escape dangerous situations, and keep themselves safe from the hunt of Fredbear and other Animatronics.

In addition, there are other supporting characters such as the store’s employees, items, and the environment in the game those nights at Fredbear’s: New Destiny.


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