Three Nights With Mr. Hugs

Download Three Nights With Mr. Hugs Free and embark on a newer horror-survival FNaF fan game alone! However, you will not feel lonely.  Always keep an eye on cameras and block monsters properly!

Three Nights With Mr. Hugs
Three Nights With Mr. Hugs

Three Nights With Mr. Hugs Gameplay

Three Nights With Mr. Hugs is inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Therefore, it includes the most important elements of the original.

  • You play like a night watchman from midnight to 6 AM for 3 days. The destination is a dark building known as Mr. Hugs Funland. After completing the nightshift successfully, you will get paid $10.
  • Unfortunately, it can bring back a bad ending if you are captured by roaming scary creatures there.
  • Open the door and you will have to watch over everything from equipment to lurking things via monitor screens.
  • To become the winner and survive or escape, it’s essential to prevent radioactive spiders from crawling into the office! They will be the main antagonist and they are trying to destroy you. Their jumps and bites can cause the death of you instantly.
  • In addition to the surveillance system, you will be equipped with a shock. It is a tool that can suddenly attack the bazongas.
  • Perhaps, there will be the fourth night coming with a bucket. If you fulfill the mission at that stage, you will obtain 1 dollar. Nevertheless, it may be a theory.

It’s easy to join Three Nights With Mr. Hugs but hard to reach the final level! By using available devices, you should manipulate your own strategy. Combining functions and skills can allow you to stay alive.


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