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Tizio Location is not an official game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Therefore, there is no special official story for this game. If you want to make a difference in FNAF fan games list, play this game. And Tizio Location for PC.

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Tizio Location Story

If you want to imagine a story for the game, you can see it as a new place in the Fnaf universe and build a private story.

The Tizio Location game also has its own story and mysteries revealed gradually through the play and progress of the player. This makes the game interesting and stimulating players who want to explore more about the story and mysteries of this game.

The story can continue with the player to learn about the history and secrets of This game, and try to avoid being attacked by haunted and safe puppets for himself. The success of the player will depend on the ability to manage resources, and understand the behavior and tips of each puppet.

However, remember that this story is just your imagination and is not directly related to any official version of Five Nights at Freddy’s.


In this game, players will play a security officer at a restaurant and entertainment restaurant called Tizio Location. The player’s task is to keep the grassroots security by tracking the cameras and keeping the “Animatronics” – human -shaped robots – in the restaurant not approaching and attacking.

Gameplay of the game is similar to the previous versions of FNAF. Players must use security devices such as cameras, flashlights and doors to prevent “Animatronics” from reaching players.

However, this game is different from the previous versions when there are a number of new factors. It is such as moving in the facility, using the fleeing place and performing various tasks. And Tizio Location free download. FNAF fan games, let’s try it now.


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