Treasure Island: ABANDONED BY GOD

Treasure Island: ABANDONED BY GOD for PC. The game was created by Giga Games Entertainment and published on November 15, 2021, for FNAF fan games. The game is a great combination of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Disney cartoon characters.

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Treasure Island: ABANDONED BY GOD Story

There is a mysterious story about Treasure Island and cartoon characters about Mickey Mouse. There’s something terrifying waiting to be discovered after Treasure Island’s closure and strange events are uncovered by the SSA.

Treasure Island: ABANDONED BY GOD tells the story of the main character named Jake and you will play this character to find out the mysteries here. There are 5 nights for you to overcome all the challenges and reach the destination you want. However, things will not be that easy, but during the night you have to go through the dangers and challenges of unknown scary animatronics and scares that can make you lose.


Character: Photo Negative Mickey, Disembodied, Oswald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Ortensia, Pluto, The face, Undying, Willy, Pete, Suicide Mouse, Photo Negative Minnie

Ortensia is the camera character, she will appear and kill you suddenly. If you see her off-camera.

Oswald only appears behind the middle pillars. You will see his ears. Oswald is lower than Mickey, but he will give no cue when it’s in the office, stay tuned and have a good eye.

Goofy will appear when you hear him running, which means he’s coming to the office. When you hear him walking slowly it means he has left. Use the map to help you out. But to find the key. It’s in one of the rooms with computers. The wall may be seen to your left.

Suicide Mouse tries to enter the building by the Broadcasting Room, keeping the cam 8 off to the max, as you can slow him down.

Photo Negative Minnie is already in your office hanging, she will try to escape the rope, keeping the office bright will keep her anyway.

The bodiless one will prevent you from using your cams, try scaring him with the light.

Mickey’s dog may don’t seem dangerous at first, but he is a big problem, hide if he gets closer to you.

Custom Night: the dead walk, it can feel you, hide if he gets close to you.

Tips for you to overcome challenges every night:

– Pay attention to surveillance cameras around the house and use them to observe the situation

– When you feel an animatronic approaching and about to attack you, immediately turn off the camera

– Find a way to hide in a place where no one will see you, such as hiding in a box to avoid the attention of scary things around the building.

– A flashlight is an indispensable item when looking into the office because this place is old so everything around is very dark. But don’t overdo it, because flashlight energy is limited. Use it sparingly and it’s best to go to well-lit places where it’s easy to see everything around.

Treasure Island: ABANDONED BY GOD free download. The game’s graphics are designed in a dark style, so it makes the night in the game look scary and intense. This is a cool game version in the FNAF fan games list.


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