Tubbyland: Time for Teletubbies!

Tubbyland: Time for Teletubbies! free download. This game is attractive and interesting for both Teletubbies and FNAF fan games. It is a unique combination between the two worlds and is highly appreciated for the experience and creative gameplay.

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Tubbyland: Time for Teletubbies! story

The story happened in an imaginary city called Tubbyland. This is where Teletubbie characters have fun and live happily. However, something happened and led to disorder. Teletubbies characters turn into scary versions and play evil demons, who want to attack and attack players.

Players will take on the role of a security guard with the only task of surviving overnight in Tubbyland and keeping themselves safe. So the game will be in real-time (Real-time), and players will use cameras and sensors to monitor devils from afar.

Players will also need to handle weapons and other utilities such as conductors, traps, or bullets to fight scary enemies. Every night there will be different levels of difficulty and Teletubby’s demons will become smarter and more difficult to cope with.

When players complete the tasks in the game, they will discover the hidden secrets behind the invasion of devil Teletubbies and rescue Tubbyland from the devastation.


Tubbyland’s gameplay: Time for Teletubbies! Including different challenges. You will act as a farmer to go to a garden in Tubbyland. You have a task to check and repair Teletubbies with signs of failure. Your job is to use the camp’s security system to observe and protect yourself from the attacks of the devil Teletubbies.

The game will take place for several nights and you will be under pressure and tensions brought by Teletubbies. You will have to monitor security cameras, and close and open them over time to avoid Teletubbies approaching you. If you are not successful in protecting yourself, Teletubbies will attack and prevent you from continuing the game.

Following the game Fnaf, Tubbyland: Time for Teletubbies! Focus on creating a thrill and horror feeling for players. Images and sounds are specially designed to create a scary and scary space in Tubbyland. The progress of the nights will open up new events and characters, increasing the complexity and difficulty of control and survival.

The game is a combination of horror and action elements in an imaginary environment. Games bring you interesting experiences not inferior to the previous ones in the FNAF fan games list.


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