UCN Jumpscare Simulator

UCN Jumpscare Simulator is designed to be one of the most enjoyable horror games that definitely brings you incredible experiences. If you are excited about this game and want to enjoy it right now, quickly download it for free simply by a click.

UCN Jumpscare Simulator

UCN Jumpscare Simulator Story

Have you ever played Ultimate Custom Night? It is a point-and-click survival horror game that comes with a lot of interesting things to discover. One of the factors that make the UCN well-received is jumpscares. Although it may not be for those who are easily disturbed mentally and physically, many players still like enjoying it.

And now TakoByte decides to make and release this simulator with the aim of meeting the need of the players. With this great simulator, the players are able to simulate all of the jumpscares from Ultimate Custom Night. In addition, you are also able to simulate some of the extras such as voices.

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The game comes along with the following unique features to make a better experience for the players:

  • Includes all jumpscares from Ultimate Custom Night
  • Possibility to turn on voices
  • Office customization
  • Extra menu
  • And more

Let’s get started to download for free here and start things off in your own way. UCN Jumpscare Simulator is one of the great games on the list of FNAF fan games. However, if you are vulnerable to jumpscares, you should not play this game to keep yourself safe.


Download link:

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4/5 - (25 votes)
4/5 - (25 votes)

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