Ultimate Custom Night DEMO

Ultimate Custom Night DEMO is a demo version that is highly recommended for those who are regular fans of the horror genre as well as the FNAF series. Now you are able to get it for free download on our website.

Ultimate Custom Night DEMO
Ultimate Custom Night DEMO

Actually, it is designed to be the ultimate FNAF mashup in which you will find yourself being trapped alone in a dark office one more time. And you have to fight again the killer animatronics. The game consists of 50 selectable animatronic robots from seven original Five Nights at Freddy’s series, and you will have unlimited options for customization.

The game allows you to mix and match any animatronics to your preference. You can also set the difficulty from o to 20 and start things off. From your office desk, all you need to do is to observe and manage two side doors, ventilation, and air hoses. All of them will directly lead to your office.

In this game, you need to be master in the use of other tools if you want to finish all ultimate challenges. These tools include a global music box, the heater, a power generator, etc. Moreover, you also have to set up laser traps in two ventilations, buy items, collect Faz-coins, and always try to keep your eyes at two Pirate Cove curtains!

Don’t hesitate to download Ultimate Custom Night DEMO for free here and enjoy it.


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