Five Nights At Sonic’s 3 – Reburned

Five Nights At Sonic’s 3 – Reburned is a horror FNaF fan game where you must defend yourself against all monsters. Download the new game for free and start!

Five Nights At Sonic's 3 - Reburned
Five Nights At Sonic’s 3 – Reburned


FNAS 3 Reburned is a reimagined version of the popular Five Nights At Sonic’s 3. It is a remake with new textures, AI, and strange characters. In which, your mission is to survive within a creepy pizzeria.


It has been 10 years since the SHPP 2017 location shut its door.

During the daytime, Sonic is a friendly character. He will entertain kids, have fun playing games, have parties, so on.

At night, the medicine cannot control him. And, you find that sonic has been salvaged and disguised.

You play as Sonic the Hedgehog and you will join a new job as a night guard at the new Sonic Hero pizza Palace.

Download Five Nights At Sonic’s 3 – Reburned for free and check your abilities now!


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