Creatures of Nowhere

Creatures of Nowhere Creatures of Nowhere free download for PC. This is a game for fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Then, due to some reasons and hiatus for about 2 years, in 2018 it was officially canceled by Tacommaster 01. Game developer This play released the remaining game in unfinished business on April 7, 2018.

Creatures of Nowhere

Thus, Creatures of Nowhere is one of the great games on the FNAF fan game list.


Creatures of Nowhere is a place you’ve probably heard about like in a fairy tale. This is a place where everything is engulfed in darkness. In addition, there are only souls tormented by evil servants and suffering that pain here.

This could be an old story in the imagination. More0ver, you may not believe it and feel that this is just a story to warn children about how to behave towards something quoted in the legend.

But maybe you don’t believe it and you’re wrong to think about it.

Hence, welcome to nowhere and your name is Anna Crawford. There are nine trials of torture here and you must pass and complete the challenges if you want to escape from here.


Animitronics include Remmy, Malcolm, Zoric, Phobia Preddy, Phobia Bonnie, Phobia Chica, Phobia Foxy, Phobia Puppet, Phobia Golden Preddy,

Development stuff

The original story tell about a man named Jeffrey Zoric who kidnaps a woman named Anna Crowford.

Jeffer takes Anna to a place that he calls “Nowhere”

Nowhere was some sort of abandoned factory where Jeffrey kept his victims

Jeffey would keep you in a room and activate two animatronics that, so you would have to defend yourself from them somehow.

Change night has 8 trials which are:

Trial one: Freddy

Trial two: Chica

Trial three: Puppet

Trial four: Bonnie

Trial five: Foxy

Trial six: Remmy

Trial seven: Malcolm

Trial eight: Zoric

One of the best games added to the FNAF fan games is Creatures of Nowhere. Since it is presently only available on PC, we encourage you to download it and play it.


Creatures of Nowhere

Creatures of Nowhere

Creatures of Nowhere

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