Fazbear Exodus

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Fazbear Exodus is a multiplayer arcade FNAF fan-made game where you join a battle, a party, and more. Download the version and start to discover your mission!

Fazbear Exodus
Fazbear Exodus

Fazbear Exodus Free Download

It is an upcoming game for PC. The playfield will unlock a strange kind of multiplayer for Five Nights at Freddy’s the original by Scott Cawthon. It is a new edition that is releasing this fall. Therefore, please have fun with the pre-alpha for 2D!


You are heading to a spooky place and you cannot understand why you have to work there.

The main character or you will spend some nights in that creepy location. However, you are not alone.

The building is full of rumors relating to death, disease, and destruction. Something hiding inside is calling you.

Once stepping into the door, you must protect yourself and block everything dangerous from catching you.

Future plans

Controller support for Xbox and Playstation

Possible to do the same fort mac and Xbox One

Newer game modes

3D graphics

And more

Fazbear Exodus is a horror survival FNAF based game. It’s free to download and essential to stay alive in the end! It’s an important condition to win and get paid!

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