Project-Glowstick for PC free download. You wake up near a pool of balls without remembering why you were there. You look around to see that your parents and friends are not with you at the diner you are at. You long to get rid of it. However, you soon realize that the building is not as empty as one might think.


Project-Glowstick Story

Project Glowstick is a re-creation/expansion of the boxed project called That Nights at Fredbear’s 2019, created by Nikson.

Development – All done!

100% encryption

100% game

100% pictures

100% model

100% map

Version 1.05 of Project Glowstick. Lots of information to follow as minor changes and bug fixes may occur. Patch Notes: This patch includes saving whenever you collect a glow stick and all the fixes from previous patches and adding a version number on the title screen.
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4/5 - (6 votes)
4/5 - (6 votes)

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