Five MLG Nights 2

Five MLG Nights 2 Free Download on PC is a game centering on Freddy, his friends, and a purple man.

Five MLG Nights 2
Five MLG Nights 2

You get your skills ready for a horror adventure in this fan-made game inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In spite of this inspiration, the gameplay, storyline, and some elements are still different from the original games. It centers on the adventure of Freddy and his friends. They are the animatronics that have been upgraded. Not only that, but the game also focuses on a strange purple man. He is rumored to be noscoping kids. All of his actions lead you to this adventure. You have to play the game with smart strategies and use them to solve all mysteries about the animatronics and this purple man. Five MLG Nights 2 is ready to challenge your surviving skills.


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