Five Nights at Candy’s

screen shots
screen shots

Don’t hesitate to get the Five Nights at Candy’s Free Download For PC game for your PC if you are a fan of the FNAF game series! The game will satisfy you!

AnchorPlaying this game is not difficult at all if you get the following instructions. Let’s check them out!

Five Nights at Candy's
Five Nights at Candy’s
  • When the night comes, the whole restaurant will be covered in dark. That’s why the cameras have Night Version. However, it has not been activated. And you need to do that! Just click on a camera to check the camera feed, and then click on it one more time so that the Night Version can be activated. So easy, right?
  • There exist a CAM-04 and CAM-06 at the other side of each door. You need to use it in the Night Version to check if anything happens.
  • You will also see three mini batteries above the Power Master. Yep, they will be used for each of the doors in your office. It will start filling up whenever a door is closed.

In summary, the above is just a brief about the Five Nights at Candy’s game. For more details, please access the link below. Also, don’t forget to download and enjoy it now!

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