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No Place Like Home free download. This game is a horror video game developed by the FNAF fan games.

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No Place Like Home story

The story revolves around a protagonist, a police officer named John Smith. He is responsible for investigating the mysterious death in a deserted house.

John Smith arrived at the house and quickly realized that there was a dark secret covering the whole house. The souls of the dead were imprisoned in scary puppets and they were silently moving at the will of the darkness.

During the investigation, John Smith discovered that the house was formerly a famous entertainment field. However, violence and malice buried the souls of puppets, turning them into bloodthirsty ghosts.

The game is nowhere to bring players on John Smith’s journey to understand the truth behind the mysterious deaths and rescue puppets trapped in the dark. The game uses horror elements, stressful adventures, and logical puzzles to increase the appeal and accents of the game.

With beautiful graphics and vivid sound, No Place Like Home gives players the horror experience. Along with that is a dramatic and unexpected story. The scary stories and gameplay of this game will make players go through strong emotions. At the same time are the horrific moments in the deserted house.


In No Place Like Home, players must use security devices such as cameras, speakers, and doors to keep the main character safe. They must monitor and observe the monsters moving through cameras to ensure that they do not approach the main character.

The game No Place Like Home creates a stressful and creepy space, with sound and images inviting fearful emotions. Players will have to be alert and learn how to use their tools and skills to continue surviving this nightmare.

Using smart tactics, players need to find a way to avoid monsters, close, and keep the main character safe. Your success is the ability to use intelligent security equipment and respond to unwanted situations.

No Place Like Home offers players a dramatic and bizarre experience, blending with the typical horror element of the FNAF fan games list.


This game has some important characters as follows: Emma, Myrtle, Nyx, and Devil. This game brings a sense of horror and nervousness to the player. With factors such as keeping the door open, learning by investigating, and running away from threats.


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5/5 - (1 vote)
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