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Welcome to Freddyland for PC is a game on the list of FNAF fan games. The game is created with attractive graphics and gameplay mixed with minigames after each night of play the player passes.

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Welcome to Freddyland discover the one truth that has failed by reading. Here, at this diner, someone passed away. And perhaps they are still wandering, seeking to exact retribution on those who chose not to study them. There are always a lot of strong modifications available for you to test. You won’t have a chance to survive here and get out, according to Machine Puppet. Before something bad occurs to you, all you have to do is keep running.


Attention 1

Remember what you went through with each item. You MUST use your EMF detector to detect any suspected paranormal activity from Bonnie and Chica. TO pull out the EMF meter and mark them. However, be careful because when you do so, they will try to attack you in response. They will move from area to area looking for you, so you must do the same to get away from them before being exposed for too long. Once you are done with each animatronic, MAKE SURE to check their names on the checklist you brought with you by clicking on said names. When you’re done with both of those, click leave to continue. Remember what you went through with each item. To detect any suspected paranormal activity from Bonnie and Chica you must use your EMF detector . You have to make sure they are within your field of vision.

Attention 2

You have probably discovered that the animatronac is actually haunted. Now, you have found an old office in the remote woods of the area you were just in. You just found a laptop that still works, can play sound from different speakers everywhere, find it for sale in a convenient situation, you can use the sound to signal familiarity belongs to any pint in animatronics You know that I’m A push since maxons work very similarly in other areas. You have to get the explosion of this, for him and find out what happens in Freddy’s older position.

Now we start work, you must use the sound on the laptop until the power measurement. Each animatron is assigned a different sound, so YOU ​​have to figure out which one is correct for each sound. Control which sound comes out so that every time you play a wrong sound, the corresponding mascot will be attracted to its source and appear at a BX window SURE to get to their window and CLOSE THE REVOLUTION to stop it they. To close Hinds, you need to enter. You can open it again by pressing the same key first. Checking the rotation by sound is sufficient

Welcome to Freddyland free download easily on gamejolt. Play with your friends and overcome scary nights to evaluate whether this is a great game in the FNAF fan games list.


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5/5 - (2 votes)

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