Another Nights at Freddy’s

Another Nights at Freddy’s free download for PC. This is a game produced by IG Productions with an electronic horror game. Starting in 2017, the creators named the game Intelligent Bear. In 2020, with his recent return, the game has been upgraded to a more relevant new version. A remastered version of the legacy (if that makes sense to you) is also in development.

Another Nights at Freddy’s is one of the best games on the FNAF fan game list.

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The good “Freddy Fazbear’s” is reopened after going out of business and it needs a security guard. Your mission in Another Nights at Freddy’s is to play a main character and will take the job and survive a week of watching animatronics on the camera.

Features (with comparison to original)

Better sprites quality

Custom Night

Phone calls


Nostalgic fangame look


At the new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, you are tasked with being a night guard and you must survive five nights with animatronic toys moving around the building. After 5 nights of work, you will work 2 more nights then get fired after 7 days for interfering with animatronics.


For them, you have doors and lights as part of your main defense. The only game elements that use power are doors. The door will open, when you run out of there. It is recommended to use a headset for the best experience with the sound of the game.

Toy Freddy

He’ll approach you slowly while laughing creepy. You can hear him playing his jingle as soon as he reaches CAM 7B. He will then move two more cameras before arriving at East Hall Corner. When he does, shut your right door right away. He will soon retreat, allowing you to open the door once more.

Toy Bonnie

He approaches you from the left side of the structure. When he has finished strolling around, he will show up at the door on the left. He makes a distinctive strolling sound as he approaches your door.

Toy Chica

She approaches you from the right side of the structure. When she has finished walking, she will show up at the door on your right. She is approaching your door and making a distinctive walking noise


Listen to your stereo channel carefully. Because she will move at certains part number of the building and eventually to your left or right side. So pay attention to the sounds left or right your side and close the door respectively.


Wind up the Music box located in prize corner on CAM 7A to survive in Marionette.


In the end, the Enhanced Edition of the game is really more exciting than the original. It is not also out of order since developer listens to his fans.

Another Nights at Freddy’s is one of the great games updated on the FNAF fan games. This game is currently only released on PC, please download it to experience it because it’s completely free.


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4.7/5 - (3 votes)
4.7/5 - (3 votes)

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