JR’s is a horror game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF). It’s free for you to download and take part in a mysterious adventure.

JR's game


The present edition is a paranormal-heavy Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. In which, you and your colleague Paulbear are trying to unravel the mysteries about JR’s.

There are both 3D and 2D sections. Besides, it contains a lot of after-game content. You can explore extras, and minigames easily.

JR’s Story

The company decided to close the restaurant, at least temporarily, to start a proper investigation. That closure relates to frequent slip-ups.

After joining the ongoing investigation, a passive spirit named Paulbear greets you. He will support you to remove the evil hiding within the scary old animatronic suits.

But, that evil wants something other than your life. It aims at Paulbear.

JR’s is a game where you will win if you can defend yourself and your buddy from the enemy.

After agreeing to participate in JR’s ongoing investigation, you are greeted by a passive spirit named Paulbear; a helper on your journey to eliminate the evil lurking in scary old cartoon suits. However, that devil wants something other than your life: it wants Paulbear.


  1. Paulbear:
  2. The Ghost:
  3. Freddy Fazbear:
  4. Bonnie the Bunny:
  5. Chica the Chicken:
  6. Foxy the Pirate:
  7. Balloon Baby:
  8. The Puppet:
  9. Withered Freddy:
  10. Withered Bonnie:
  11. Withered Chica:
  12. Withered Foxy:
  13. Withered Balloon Baby:
  14. Withered Puppet:
  15. The Mangle:

Configuration Requirements:

JR’s is a pretty high graphics game. Therefore, your PC must have some specifications for it to run as smoothly as possible. The best comparison we can make in terms of graphics/specs is TEALERLAND. Here are our recommended specs:


  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 / AMD RX 560 or higher


  • Minimum Intel Core i3/AMD Ryzen 3 4100


  • (RAM) – 4 GB DDR4 or more

Operating system :

  • Windows – Windows 10/11 64bit

Disk space:

  • 1.1 GB of free space required


DirectX 11 . required

If you are having trouble running the 3D Firefly parts of the game, please try changing “Barrens Engine” in the options menu in the game.

The latest version of JR is v1.4.1, released on 02/13/2023

JR’s is one of the great FNAF fan games free to download for PC.

JR’s Screenshots

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4/5 - (215 votes)

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4/5 - (215 votes)

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