Five Nights at Arias (Official)

Five Nights at Arias (Official) is a famous horror game. Five Nights at Arias (Official) for PC. So you can use a PC to play very easily. The game is considered to be on the FNAF fan games list. So let’s explore this game with us.

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The story of Five Nights in Arias (official) is a horror story about a security guard named Mike Schmidt. He is a person working at a Pizza restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Throughout five nights, Mike faces broken clown puppets, magic demons, and strange events that occur in the restaurant. Mike’s mission is to exist for five nights without being attacked by scary monsters.

So this story brings stressful and scary moments to the player. If you want to experience the sensational feeling but don’t want to go to the amusement park, then try this game.


Five Nights at Arias (Official) is a horror game that helps players experience the work of a security guard at a Pizza restaurant. So in the game, players will have to control the security camera system and doors to monitor and prevent broken clown puppets and the devils from approaching their office.

The player’s mission is to exist throughout five nights without being attacked. This game brings stressful and scary experiences, causing players to use strategy and observation to survive.

Five Nights at Arias (Official) free download. FNAF fan game, you definitely cannot ignore this game. Although there is a bit of horror, you will not need to worry. The character’s drawing is not too scary. If you want to experience new, try this game right away! But if you are afraid, you can invite your friends or your lover to play together. What are you waiting for without discovering right away?


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