Five Nights at Bootleg Plush’s


Five Nights at Bootleg Plush’s free download for PC. This is a game created by Green Jerry based on the Five Nights at Freddy’s series exclusively for fans. On this May 14, 2022, this game was released and the main task of the player is to survive against smuggled FNAF stuffed animals through many nights with the characters of their choice.

Five Nights at Bootleg Plush’s is one of the best games on the FNAF fan game list.

Five Nights at Bootleg Plush's


The context of the game takes place in a luxury restaurant. The toys in the restaurant suddenly come to life and start attacking the customers present at the restaurant. So the restaurant staff ran an ad in the local newspaper with the aim of hiring a security guard to monitor the restaurant on the night shift to see what was going on.


This game features  are 4 characters who are four stuffed animals. The character you choose will be in 4 characters that are Nightmare, Freddy, Funtime Freddy & Bon-Bon and the last character is Bonnie.

In the game there is an options menu with choices such as subtitles and languages ​​(this version is only available in English and PT – BR), aspect ratio (original or stretched scale). ), Full screen effect, perspective effect, title screen sound.

There is also an additional menu with character viewers, jumpscare viewer, credits, cheats and a cutscene viewer.

If you survive and go through the next level, there will be a letter from the restaurant manager to you with the following content:

“Hello, night guard.

Since the plushies are going to be replaced by new ones, we no longer need a night guard.

You can come to the day shift if you want to, as soon as we reopen.



Nightmare Freddy

Funtime Freddy




Five Nights at Bootleg Plush’s for PC was re-uploaded by gamejolt user Green Jerry.

One of the fantastic games updated on the FNAF fan games is Five Nights at Bootleg Plush’s. Since it is presently only available on PC, we encourage you to download it and play it.


Five Nights at Bootleg Plush's

Five Nights at Bootleg Plush's

Five Nights at Bootleg Plush's

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