Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location VR

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location VR for PC is an adaptation of the original version of the FNAf game into VR. Take charge of a late-night technician who needs to do maintenance on operational equipment and animatronics. With sharp graphics quality and vivid images, this is a great game for FNAF fan games.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location VR Story

At Circus Baby’s Pizza World, where the level of family entertainment and engagement surpasses that of other pizza joints! Technician needed late at night. Must relish crowded quarters and feel at ease near moving machines. Not liable for any deaths or mutilations.


The first day

Your thrilling new job’s first day. We welcome you, regardless of how you found us—whether it was a job fair approach, a read-out ad in Screws, Bolts and Hairrins, or the outcome of a dare. I’ll be your own personal tour guide to help you get going. I’m a Handyman’s Robotics and Unit Repair System model 5, but you can call me Hand Unit. Your new job will be full of adventure, mystery, and limitless janitorial chances. With the Grip Button, you may holster and unholster your hand unit behind your back.

Another day

Another night of deep thought, important professional decisions, and self-analysis of quick blunders. We are dedicated to developing a distinctive and rewarding working environment. Making sure you don’t become bored of the voice you are hearing right now is a component of that commitment. Please choose a different partner voice from the options below. Males should push 1. Press 2 for women. Press 3 to solely send text. For further choices Press “4”.

Another crucial night in your burgeoning new job, when you get to genuinely contemplate what you’re doing with your life. Will I ever see my family again and, more importantly, what would my friends think? We are here for you and realize how stressful a new job may be. We provide a variety of musical options to make your elevator trip as tranquil and therapeutic as possible in order to assist you in achieving a more stable and unwinding state of mind. Along with a variety of other options, we provide modern jazz, classical rainforest ambience, and other styles. Please enter the first few letters of the preferred musical selection using the keypad below. It’s important to note that your compensation has been significantly reduced as a result of your subpar performance yesterday now that your elevator experience has been tailored to your requirements and you’re completely at peace.

The last day

Your last day of employment. That day marks the conclusion of your first week. Determination, boldness, and a real disdain for natural self-preservation are some of the traits we look for most in new hires. Your one-week bonus will be presented to you in the form of a lovely gift basket, the cost of which will be deducted from your next paycheck since you earned it. In addition to the ever-popular cash basket, we now offer gift baskets filled with fruit, nuts, and flowers. Please type the first few characters of the gift basket you want to receive into the keypad below.

There are still two technicians on the job today, so please be aware of that. If you can, try to stay out of the way of what they are doing. You may also inquire as to their motivation for remaining and nudge them to go for their residence.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location VR free download. That was super awesome in FNAF fan games list. Play it now!


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