Five Nights At Fazbear Storage

Five Nights at Fazbear Storage is a game inspired by the original Five Nights at Freddy’s series (FNAF). If you love the games in the FNAF fan games list, try it now. And Five Nights At Fazbear Storage free download.

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Five Nights At Fazbear Storage Story

The story revolves around a storage of Fazbear Entertainment, where commemorative figures from the previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games were kept.

In the game, players will play as a security officer at the archive and their mission is to monitor and protect the giant and horrible Animatronic characters. However, at night, the crazy ghosts from the past began to attack and hunt players.

Players must use security cameras to monitor the position of the ghosts and use other doors and equipment to keep them unable to penetrate their position. If not careful, the Animatronic character will kill the player and the game will end.

The game creates stress and terrifying psychological pressure through sound and scary situations. Players must learn and understand the behavior of each ghost to find ways to prevent them from attack.

The story in Five Nights at Fazbear Storage continues to expand and develop more through the versions and extensions of the game, revealing about the context and dark past of Fazbear Entertainment and the mysteries behind the guys. Scary Animatronic character in the game. By exploring the story, players will learn and understand more about the haunting world of Five Nights at Freddy’s.


In this game, the player will play a new employee who receives a job at a freight store of Fazbear Entertainment.

The goal of the player is to control and protect the Animatronic ghosts appearing in the store. During five nights, players must use surveillance cameras to observe Animatronic and make sure they do not attack themselves.

Similar to previous FNAF games, players must manage energy, see the remaining number of phones and close the doors if necessary to avoid approaching Ma Animatronic.

Playing Five Nights at Fazbear Storage requires players to have good observation skills and make decisions quickly to survive over 5 nights.

The gameplay of the game remains the tension and scary of the FNAF series, with sound and images that create a terrifying atmosphere. This game is suitable for those who love challenges and dramatic situations.


In the game Five Nights at Fazbear Storage, there are some main characters that players will encounter, including:

William Afton: He is a serial killer and founding member of Fazbear Entertainment. In the game, he appeared in the image of Springtrap.

Michael Afton: This is the son of William Afton. He is the manager of the Fazbear Storage. Players will play Michael Afton in the game.

Puppet: Puppet (also known as Marionette) is one of the mysterious puppets in the game. It will move in the room and try to attack the player.

If you want to become FNAF fan games, play this game. Five Nights At Fazbear Storage for PC. So you should use PC to play instead of smartphone.


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