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Five Nights at Hololive free download. This is just an FNAF fan games and is not directly related to Five Nights at Freddy’s or Hololive.

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Five Nights at Hololive story

The story happened at a special live-streaming show of Hololive, where the VTuber will directly perform on the waves and interact with the fans. However, on the night of the performance, a strange incident occurred when a free character went into the live streaming room and blocked Vtuber.

Players will play a role -to -system -supervisor and keep the live streaming more normal throughout the night. During this time, players will face threats from the holy characters with control of invaders. These characters include Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara, Gawr Gura, Inugami Korone, and Amelia Watson – a famous VTuber from Hololive.

Players will be equipped with a security system and camera to monitor the positions of the VTUBER and ensure that there is no incident. They also have to close the door carefully if suspicious characters appear near the live streaming room. If the player is not careful and leaves the VTuber attacked by these strange characters, the game will end and the player will fail.

Over the nights, the stories of virtual venture loggers will gradually be revealed, and players will have to use this information to learn about what happened and find a way to deal with this intrusion.

The Five Nights at Hololive game brings a sense of horror and interest when the player must consider keeping the live streaming, just facing scary situations from the familiar characters of Hololive.


In the game, players will play as a new security guard at a virtual reality store Hololive. Your mission is to monitor Hololive characters inside the store for five consecutive nights. From midnight to early morning, for 5 nights.

Similar to the FNAF fan games list, throughout five nights, players will have to pay attention. You should protect yourself from the attacks of Hololive characters. These characters include streamers such as Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, Sakura Miko, and many other characters in Hololive.

Five Nights at Hololive’s gameplay revolves around the use of monitoring systems, and door control. You use light in the store to keep Hololive characters from accessing and attacking you. You will have to observe security cameras and note the suspicious gestures and sounds of these characters.


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3.6/5 - (7 votes)

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