Five Nights at Smudger’s

Five Nights at Smudger’s free download.  This game offers players a thrilling horror and suspense experience.

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Five Nights at Smudger’s Story

The game centers around a human monster named Smudger, whom players must fight to survive. Set in an abandoned building at night, Smudger and other characters reside there, and the player’s mission is to stay alive against Smudger’s attacks.

To aid in this task, players are equipped with control panels and cameras to monitor and adjust the rooms in the building. They can also close and lock doors to prevent the invasion of monsters.

With multiple levels of difficulty, each level introduces more rooms and monsters, requiring players to use information from cameras and dashboards to locate and avoid Smudger and other monsters.

If players become distracted and fail to pay attention, Smudger and the other monsters will attack and kill them. Surviving for five nights will result in a win for the player.


The gameplay of “Five Nights at Smudger’s” is similar to other FNAF fan games list, where players take on the role of a night guard at a living teddy bear entertainment center.

The objective is to monitor the security system and stay safe throughout the night. Players must use cameras and windows to observe different rooms in the entertainment center and prevent the living teddy bears from approaching and attacking them.

Managing energy is also crucial, as players must use it wisely to avoid running out of battery when needed. The game also includes riddles and the introduction of new characters, adding to the overall appeal and challenge for players. “Five Nights at Smudger’s” offers a unique and captivating version of FNAF, with its distinct elements.


In this game, the protagonist is a plumber named Jack who is hired to work at Smudger’s Pizzeria, an entertainment restaurant similar to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza from the original series.

The main characters in this game include Jack, the main character and player-controlled character who is hired to work at the pizzeria. His mission is to check and monitor the robot characters in the restaurant to ensure safety for himself.

Smudger is the main character of the restaurant, similar to Freddy Fazbear in the original version. He is a giant teddy bear and serves as a babysitting character for customers.

FNAF fan games should give this game a try to experience a new and intriguing story.


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