Five Nights in Anime: Reborn

Five Nights in Anime: Reborn is a mod version of the original game Nights at Freddy’s. And Five Nights In Anime: Reborn for PC. So you should choose right device before you wanna play this game in FNAF fan games list.

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Five Nights in Anime: Reborn Story

The story of the game starts when the main character, a guard, is recruited to work at a new entertainment center. However, he did not know that the resurrection dolls were replaced by hot and promising female characters.

Throughout five nights in the game, the security guy must keep himself safe from these live dolls. They will appear from the door or from the control room and try to attack him. He had to close, lock the door, and use the camera to observe and stop these female dolls.

However, the game not only revolves around protecting themselves, but also a more complex storyline. The guard realized that dolls now have their own unique purpose and plan. By studying information and deciphering evidence, he discovered that the dolls were trying to keep something secret and dangerous in that play center.

With the help of seemingly unrelated information, the guard tried to learn the truth about the dolls and their purpose. The game ends with a great impact on the plot of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s and continues to go to events in the next version of Five Nights in the next anime.


Five nights in anime: Reborn is similar to the original FNAF. You will play the role of an evening guard of an anime club, where anime character statues start to work and hunt you. Your task is to maintain the security system by using cameras and windows to monitor and prevent the character from leaving your room.

The game is designed to create stress and horror as well as a “funny” element from transforming anime character into sexy female versions. Images and sounds in the game are optimized to make a difference and especially from the original FNAF.


Five Nights in Anime: Reborn is a custom version of the game Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) has been developed by a group of fans. This game brings a new experience with the main character replaced by the female versions of the characters in the series of FNAF games. Characters in Five Nights in Anime: Reborn include:

Chica: The female version of the Chica character in FNAF, she has blonde hair and a feminine outfit. With a bright smile, Chica will try to reach the player to kill them.

Bonnie: The female version of Bonnie’s character in Fnaf. She has blue hair and witch. Bonnie will appear and jump through different positions in the store to reach the player.

Freddy: The female version of Freddy’s character in FNAF, she has brown hair and lovely outfit. Freddy will appear from the front or behind the player and try to reach them.

Foxy: Female version of Foxy character in Fnaf, she has red hair and a vampire outfit. Foxy will access from the opposite side to play and close to attack them.

In addition to the above characters, the game also has a number of other supporting characters such as Puppet, Mangle and Toy Chica in the female version. The player’s goal is to stay in the restaurant and prevent them from approaching by tracking the camera system and closing when necessary.

If you are a FNAF fan games, you need to play this game now. And Five Nights In Anime: Reborn free download. So you can play without money.


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