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What will you have if you mix FNAF games and Super Mario Kart? Super Freddy Kart Free Download, that’s what! Learn how to install this game right here.

Now, my friends, it’s time to make the best out of both worlds for the best game ideal that ever graced this Earth.

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For the record, Super Freddy Kart started as a meme on Reddit. On an FNAF Download subreddit, Austic posted a picture as a joke and it immediately blew up.

Super Freddy Kart – Reap the fun from today
Super Freddy Kart – Reap the fun from today

What this game is about?

It’s a racing game with the cast entirely from the lovely characters of FNAF!

If you’re a Super Mario Kart’s fan, you can’t afford to miss this one. And if you’re into FNAF, you’ will be surprised how a horror game can be so energetic (literally and figuratively.)

From the very beginning, you’re free to play as one of these 8 fictional racers: Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, Balloon Boy, Puppet, Springtrap, last but not least, Circus Baby.

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As the game going, you can open your new inventory for more characters (up to 4, but not yet confirmed.)

This game got the heart of the Super Mario Kart tattooed into its development. Racing tracks are pulled out of FNAF with tasteful minigames, locations as well as characters.

The road to development

As mention, this game was coined from a meme on Reddit. The creator decided to develop the full game out of that picture after seeing the massive support from the community.

The work then was divided into small parts with passionate internet folks willingly participated.

On April 15th, the developing team dropped the 1st trailer and soon after that, the Gamejiont page went live. The 1st due date for the game was December 2018.

However, with all the comments coming in and concerns surrounding the art of the game. They decided to take their time.

June 4th marked the date of the game got this iconic title: Super Freddy Kart. Rather than copy the exact model, racers within the game got their fully customized glow-up to fit the style of the game.

Điểm neoIn the end

All of the model teasers and the BB track materials looked nice and promising. And the creator – Austic is pretty active on the Gamejiont fan page. You can see more and more sneak peek into this wonder of a game coming out and they’re all perfect.

Super Freddy Kart can be found here.

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