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Afton’s Revenge free download. The game has the appearance of the characters from the previous in the FNAF fan games list. So you will find it somewhat familiar.

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Afton’s Revenge Story

Afton’s Revenge is a game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series (FNAF). The story revolves around William Afton, a main character in this series of games.

After losing the match in Ultimate Custom Night, William Afton became an immortal soul. He wanted to take revenge on the person who pushed himself into that suffering, the character of the player.

The game gives players an obsessive feeling especially the suspense when faced with puppets with supernatural power and not easily defeated. The game is designed with beautiful images and scary sounds, bringing a high experience that makes players lose in the dark story of Afton and face dangerous situations non-stop.

However, the detailed story of Afton’s Revenge has not been fully published and the player will have to explore to investigate, learn, and continue this dark adventure.


FNAF fan games will play and enter the game with the main goal of challenging and breaking the plot of Revenge by William Afton. The game revolves around learning about the past and observing what occurs in Afton’s puppet factories.

In Afton’s Revenge, players will have to overcome a range of different levels, including scary puppets like Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. The player’s mission is to dodge attacks and survive overnight.


In FNAF’s Afton’s Revenge game, there are three main characters:

William Afton / Springtrap: is the main villain in the game. William Afton is a mass murderer and his father’s father, The Puppet, Circus Baby, and other Animatronics. He was detained in Springtrap (one of the Animatronics) after being dirty by the resurrection substance. In Afton’s Revenge, he awakened and wanted to return to revenge for his illness.

The Puppet: is an Animatronic shape of a puppet. The Puppet is a lost soul to seek revenge for his death. She plays an important role in controlling other animations. Her role is like a “commander” in the game.

Other Animatronics group: Afton’s Revenge game has some Animatronics mainly appearing in previous FNAF games such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. These animations are also to implement revenge plans and have many different roles in the game.


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