Bibsy’s free download. This game combines horror and intellectual challenges, bringing players into a scary adventure in a dark world. Bobby will have to use all her skills and wisdom to survive and learn about the horrific secrets of the FNAF fan games list.

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Bibsy’s Story

The story begins when our main character, a young guy named Bobby, receives a mysterious CD from his old friend. Specifying the CD is a video game called “Bibsy’s Fnaf Game”. With curiosity, Bobby decided to plug the CD into the computer to explore.

After starting the game, Bobby was suddenly sucked into the horrific world of Five Nights at Freddy’s. He was locked in a fantasy factory where nightmares automatically operated. Bobby’s mission is to survive in 5 nights of hell, before getting the opportunity to escape.

Every night, Bobby must keep an eye on the surveillance camera system to monitor the actions of mysterious robots. They will seek to approach Bobby and attack him. Bobby had to pass the keyboard to lock and open the door, turn the flashlight, and even fake voice control to escape the pursuit of haunted puppets.

The game offers a large space and a variety of scary robots that Bobby faces. However, he is not alone. During the game, Bobby will meet the supporting characters, provide information, and support him from outside the world.


In this game, the player will play as a supervisor tasked with preserving security and exists for 5 nights at a restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

During the night, players need to monitor security cameras to monitor the activity of damaged robot puppets such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. These puppets move around the restaurant and can penetrate the player’s bedroom.

Players need to manage energy and use bright doors and flashlights to prevent the attack of robot puppets. If the puppet successfully penetrates into the bedroom, the player will lose and the game ends.

In addition, the game also provides mysteries and puzzles for players to explore and help create a horror atmosphere for the game.

Is FNAF fan games ready to experience this horror game?


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3.7/5 - (7 votes)
3.7/5 - (7 votes)

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