DanBear’s : Neon Party

Danbear’s : Neon Party is a dramatic, adventurous and thrilling game, giving players a new experience in the world of FNAF fan games list. And DanBear’s : Neon Party free download. So you can play comfortably, and do not worry about money.

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Danbear’s : Neon Party Story

In the story of Danbear’s: Neon Party, the player will play a character named Danbear. This is a lovely teddy bear invited to join a Neon party at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza’s restaurant.

When Danbear arrived at the location, he realized that a series of mysterious Animatronics appeared and causing chaos at the party. Danbear’s mission is to find out the cause and solve this problem to ensure safety for everyone to attend.

Players will have to explore many different areas of the restaurant, from the banquet room to the secret areas. During the journey, Danbear will interact with different Animatronics. And Danbear collect information pieces to find the secret behind these strange incidents.

Like traditional FNAF games, players will have to pay attention and use the camera to watch through different areas of the restaurant and ensure that there is no dangerous Animatronics near Danbear.

The game also offers mini puzzles and games between the main tasks, challenging the player with the reaction speed and the ability to solve the problem.

Finally, when Danbear completed his mission and found the truth behind a series of incidents, he would face a last Animatronic ghost. Players will need to use all their skills to defeat this monster and complete the game successfully.


The game “Danbear’s: Neon Party” in FNAF keeps the horror and stressful play of previous parts, but with a new space and storyline.

Security management: Like other FNAF versions, players will have to manage security by using the camera to see different areas in the restaurant. Players must observe the mysterious Animatronics and ensure that they are not accessible to Danbear.

Interactive: Players can interact with some items and environment in the game. But this usually only glows some areas or opens secret paths. Interactive and at the right time can help players escape dangerous situations.

Information collection: During the journey, Danbear will search for information pieces to decipher the mystery of the restaurant. Players must learn about history and strange events related to Animatronics and develop stories.

Puzzles and mini games: The game provides players with mini puzzles and games between the main tasks. This brings diversity and challenges to the gameplay and creates an attractive role.

The last battle: Finally, Danbear will face a last Animatronic ghost. Players will need to use skills and tactics to complete the battle and win.

The gameplay of “Danbear’s: Neon Party” in FNAF continues to be stressed and obsessed with the previous series of games, but also brings new and interesting elements for FNAF fan games to explore. And DanBear’s : Neon Party for PC.


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