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Five Nights at Alex’s free download. The game attracts FNAF fan games because of the frightening space and continuous pressure to avoid cruel and intelligent robots.

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Five Nights at Alex’s Story

The objective was to keep the mansion’s animatronic characters at bay and avoid being attacked. Players had to endure hours of suspense and jump scares, making it an unforgettable gaming experience.

Throughout the nights, players had to continuously monitor the cameras placed around the mansion to track the animatronics’ movements. The animatronics possessed advanced artificial intelligence, making them unpredictable and dangerous adversaries.

With each passing night, the animatronics grew more aggressive, making the experience more intense. The players had limited resources, such as energy for the cameras and doors that could be closed to keep the animatronics out. The challenge lay in managing these resources wisely to make it through each night.

As players progressed, they unraveled the dark history of the mansion and the tragic fate of its former occupants. It turned out that the animatronics were not just ordinary machines, but rather, the souls of children who had perished in a fire at the mansion.

To survive, players had to not only outsmart the animatronics but also solve puzzles and find hidden clues scattered throughout the mansion. These puzzles held the key to unraveling the mystery and escaping the clutches of the vengeful spirits.


Players act as a guardian for a famous restaurant. Your mission is to continue keeping the restaurant safe during the year and nights. Because the robots frantically escape from the walls and attack anyone in the restaurant.

The game has five different nights, and every night lasts about eight minutes. During this time, you have to use a computer and security cameras. They follow the restaurant rooms and make sure that no robots are invaded. It is important to control the remaining energy in the room to accept and earn smartphones to use the advantage or delay the robots.

The challenge of the game is that you have to work smart and quickly to respond promptly to the random appearance of the robot. If you do not keep it carefully and do not know how to handle each separate robot, they can capture you in a certain part and end the game.

If you like the horror game in the FNAF fan games list, try this game.


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