FNaC:R Mobile

screen shots
screen shots

FNaC: R Mobile Free Download, would you like to try this game? FNaC: R Mobile is a brainchild of Viktor Nifedow that he quite wanted. Read the post below to learn more about it.

Game genre

FNaC: R Mobile is a game in the kind of horror games, violence. With this type of horror game, do you know anything, and have you tried it before? Referring to this game genre, we can not help but mention the famous independent horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. And Five Nights At Candy’s (FNAC) is its unofficial sequel. You can experience it with FNaC: R Mobile Free Download.

FNaC:R Mobile
FNaC:R Mobile

FNaC: R Mobile is free and easy to play with just a few clicks.


Similar to other games of the same genre, you will play a guard, guarding a building or an office. And of course, the horror of the game comes from the things you face in the five nights you carry out your mission.

They are ghostly electronic cartoon characters. It would be best if you survived all five nights to win. The only support tool you have is a flashlight. It seems FNaC: R Mobile will be a game that challenges your bravery and intellect.


Don’t expect too much of a thrilling game with a small and straightforward number of characters. This game has some minor bugs like quite slow compared to the original, the quality of the image and sound is not high, etc. However, with the mobile version, you will have a better experience.

After all, I hope you have fun with this game!

Viktor Nifedow @RageonNickR

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