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FNaTI: The Collection Mobile free download. The game brings a horror and attractive gaming experience, combining adventure elements and a bit of mystery to the FNAF fan games list.

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FNaTI: The Collection Mobile Story

The story of Fnati: The Collection Mobile revolves around a story inspired by the fairy tale Peter Pan and the secret tunnel to Treasure Island Island. The player will play the main character as a security guard working at an abandoned amusement park that has haunted evil.

Fnati: The collection Mobile includes many versions. Each version can be explored and experienced. The game is highly appreciated for its spiritual challenges and dramatic challenges, along with impressive graphics and sound.

A special feature of Fnati: The Collection Mobile is mobility. It allows players to experience the game anytime and anywhere. From your mobile phone or tablet. This helps bring more games to people and opens up opportunities for FNAF lovers to experience this game on their mobile devices.

In short, Fnati: The Collection Mobile is an attractive mobile version of the Five Nights at Treasure Island game. The game gives players a dramatic and horror story. And allows them to experience their mobile games and tablets.


This game is a mobile game based on Fnati (Five Nights at Treasure Island), an adventure horror game developed by the FNAF fan games.

Fnati’s play target: The Collection Mobile is similar to other FNAF games, players will play the role of a cafe that closes and faces ghosts and monsters in the shop. Players must take action to protect themselves from the attack of these scary creatures for a night.

The game brings a fairly complex and diverse gameplay, with many rooms and areas in the cafe to explore. Players can use security devices and monitoring systems to detect and prevent the invasion of monsters.

In addition, this game also brings stories and mysteries around the main character and Treasure Island cafe. Players can learn more about the plot through the completion of tasks and collect coins in the game.

In addition, the game also has a level system and upgrades players can use skill points to unlock new skills and upgrade their equipment to better deal with dangerous monsters.


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4.7/5 - (4 votes)
4.7/5 - (4 votes)

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