Some Nights at Joe’s Remake

Some Nights at Joe’s Remake free download. The game gives players the experience of being scared and stressed. Help you discover the mystery and enjoy the dramatic atmosphere of the FNAF fan games list.

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Some Nights at Joe’s Remake Story

The story in the game “Some Nights at Joe’s Remake” is a remake of the FNAF game. In this story, players play a new employee at Joe’s Burger restaurant.

During the working time, the player received a call from the former employee, who warned that robots were “broken” and became more dangerous. Players must try to survive over five nights at the restaurant and prevent them from approaching and attacking themselves.

Every night, players will face different robots, with separate characteristics and behaviors. For example, Bonnie – a pink bear with a sweet but extremely aggressive face, or Freddy – the main character with a polite but still very dangerous style.

The game will continue to expand the story overnight. Players will learn about the history of Joe’s Burger restaurant and the secret behind the failure of the robots. The goal of the player is to continue existing for five nights and learn the truth behind this incident.


The player will play a translator who is working at Joe’s Pizza. So your mission is to keep yourself safe throughout the night by supervising the rooms and capturing the moving of scary Animatronics characters.

You will use a camera system to monitor Animatronics’ positions and make sure they don’t approach you. You can also close windows and doors to prevent them. However, the sleeping mechanism is not too long and energy management is vital. If you use too much energy, you may not be able to close the doors or use the camera system, leading to loss of life.

There are many different difficulties in some Nights at Joe’s Remake. Each level is equivalent to the next day at Joe’s Pizza. Every day, Animatronics will become smarter and change the way they attack to lose your score. If you can’t survive all days, you will fail and start over again.

Some Nights at Joe’s Remake creates an atmosphere of horror and stressful atmosphere thanks to the scary sound and image of Animatronics. FNAF fan games and those who want to experience a similar game but have a new factor will enjoy some Nights at Joe’s Remake.


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3/5 - (2 votes)

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