Freddy’s Timer (Official)

Freddy’s Timer (Official) is a famous game when it comes to the FNAF fan games list. This is a famous horror game and is loved by many people. So in this game, players will face ghost puppets and try to survive overnight. And Freddy’s Timer (Official) for PC.

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Freddy’s Timer (Official) Story

The story in the game Freddy’s Timer (Official) of FNAF Game revolves around a girl named Sarah. She works at a Fast Food restaurant at night. This restaurant is famous for its delicious food and entertainment groups of stuffed characters called Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie The Bunny, Chica The Chicken, and Foxy The Pirate.

However, the special and scary thing about this restaurant is at night, these stuffed characters become lively and wander in the restaurant. Sarah’s goal is to navigate and avoid them so as not to be attacked.

Sarah’s first evening game works at the restaurant. She is responsible for monitoring security cameras and ensuring that there is nothing suspicious. However, the first time Sarah turned over the cameras, she realized that stuffed characters were moving and showing strange signs.

Along with the vividness of these characters, the restaurant also has other strange phenomena. Lighting equipment, air conditioners, and doors often have problems, causing instability in the scary restaurant.

During the next working nights, Sarah had to grasp and learn about suspicious things. She discovered these stuffed characters can move. Because they are controlled by someone from inside or outside the restaurant. So her mission is to find someone opposite and prevent recurrent incidents.

According to the investigation, Sarah discovered the dark secret of the restaurant. Previously, this was a very funny family game service, but because of an unfortunate incident, stuffed characters became dangerous and wanted to seek revenge.

Sarah must overcome challenges and explore the hidden corners inside the restaurant. She will face dark states and scary supernatural phenomena. It is important that Sarah has to learn how to end the obsession and ensure safety for herself and the restaurant.

Finally, after scary and scary nights, Sarah faced the wicked man behind all the incidents and changes in Freddy’s Timer restaurant (Official). The story will end and the truth will be revealed, the next step is to what Sarah will do to solve this problem or seek happiness again.


Freddy’s Timer (Official) is a game depending on the horror genre that players will need to try their brave to overcome the challenges in the game. Here are some of the gameplay in this game:

Character control: Players will play a role in a character in the game, maybe a manager or security guard in a restaurant. Your task is to learn all the parts of the restaurant and find out the secret behind the story.

Using security systems: In the restaurant, there is a security camera system to monitor operation. Players need to check the camera to see the different parts of the restaurant and ensure safety.

Dealing with monsters: The characters in the game will face horror monsters, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Players need to show patience and ingenuity to avoid being killed by them.

Keeping the mental state: During the game, the character will face loneliness, fear, and stress. So ơlayers need to know how to adjust their mental state so as not to be affected by the horror elements in the game.

Self-protection: Players can use items such as victims, temporary weapons, or any coverings in the restaurant to protect themselves from monsters or negative effects.

Note that: Freddy’s Timer (Official) is a horror game and may not be suitable for heart-weak people.

If you are a FNAF fan games, you will like this game! Freddy’s Timer (Official) free download.


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