Six Horrors: Midway

Six Horrors: Midway is one of the games in the FNAF fan games list. So the player plays a security guard working at an amusement park that satisfies fans who are passionate about horror. And Six Horrors: Midway for PC.

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Six Horrors: Midway Story

The game takes place at a recently opened amusement park, with six different games and many horror characters.

In this game, the player’s task is to keep customers safe throughout the night. However, unlike the previous versions, players not only have to worry about a mysterious horror figure but also face six new characters.

Each character in the game has a separate style and way of attack. For example, there is a ghost that can go through anyway, while another demon only moves when you see the light and you need to turn off the sip.

The game has beautiful graphics and scary sounds, creating a horror and stressful space. So players must intelligently understand the way each character operates to escape them.


The gameplay of this game is as follows:

Tasks: Players will play a newly hired guard to work at Midway Entertainment Center. Your mission is to monitor and keep this area safe for 6 nights.

Monitoring: In the game Six Horrors: Midway, players will directly observe from the control center. You will have a control panel including surveillance cameras to monitor the activities of the enemies.

Enemy: Midway Center has six scary enemies including Midway Clown, Mysterious Doll, Big Teeth, Nightmare Bunny, Twisted Bear, and Circus Monkey. Each enemy has its own way of attack and defense measures.

How to attack and kill the character: You will have to pay attention to monitor and keep it safe when enemies appear in different positions on the map. If you do not close the window at the right time or do not keep the door closed, they will attack and kill the characters.

Energy and resources: The game also requires players to manage resources carefully, including viewing monitoring screens economically and using energy more efficiently to not run out of electricity.

Story: Six Horrors: Midway has the story of the enemies in the game. And the secret of the Midway Entertainment Center. So players will learn more about the characters and events behind them through the notes and fragments of the story.

Can check again: The game allows players to check the memories that need to be searched and noted to recover the complete story.

Here are some main points about the gameplay of Six Horrors: Midway. The pairing between horror dolls and safety dolls creates a unique and interesting FNAF game.


  • Vintage Toony
  • Chuck
  • Pup
  • Bella
  • Lockjaw
  • Fang

The ultimate goal of the game is to survive all night and discover the mystery behind these six horror figures. The game gives players scary and challenging experiences and is part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series that has made a great deal in the FNAF fan games community. And Six Horrors: Midway free download.


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