Play POPGOES: RADIX for free, a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game, and start to make a plan for survival! Can you stay alive at the end of the new challenge?


POPGOES: RADIX – an unofficial prequel to POPGOES

However, it still has the true lore. Besides, its developer has expanded on spare areas of the story. There are also a few original backstory facts.

Similar to the first chapter in the POPGOES series, you can experience nights as in FNaF 1-3.

Especially, you are allowed to roam!

So, you begin as a character named Jeremy Fitzgerald who is known as Fritz Glade. He is involved in The Bite of 87 event.

Once more, you can be scared and tortured by creepy shows of evil animatronic mascots. Return to the past of that man and explore all unresolved mysteries as fast as possible!

You are forced to get ready for sprinting, crawling, or hiding and even fighting against scary creatures. Always watch your back and survive until you escape!

POPGOES: RADIX introduces a title that you can feel tough when you try to accomplish your job. Moreover, you must keep away from the possessed animatronics in time. Otherwise, you will be killed.


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