Five Nights With 39 – Impurity

Download Five Nights With 39 – Impurity for free and come back to a dangerous place. Try to uncover mysteries in the new Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game as soon as possible!

Five Nights With 39 - Impurity
Five Nights With 39 – Impurity

Five Nights With 39 – Impurity and an interesting story

It is about an adventure set in a missing land, related to a few animatronic characters. They look like robots in FNaF games. While they are moving, they gradually disappear.

Go back to the location where you once have explored. It is the region that is currently covered in darkness. It really lacks a lively atmosphere.

You need to forage the island carefully. Therefore, you will have the chance to search for and collect every clue that revolved around the secrets. They are the key leading you to the truth in the shortest time.

Can you finish your mission and stay alive? Along with the shadows, you can meet up with multiple scary creatures lurking.

Five Nights With 39 – Impurity promises to bring back a memorable experience. It is a puzzle containing dozens of dangerous situations. Play the journey and do not forget to prepare for the worst circumstance so you can win easier! Good luck!


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